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my yoga mat and my little red wagon

My Journal

It is Friday, which starts with me on my yoga mat at 7:30am. I am two cups of coffee in, Rufus Wainwright radio is playing softly in my home studio.  I am getting ready to send an email out about my holiday events this month which means updating my event page first.

yes love

I often feel like my business is this vintage red wagon filled with positivity and good energy and I am gently pulling it up a hil... Read more →

back from the mystic

My Journal

On Labor Day weekend, I returned home from a week away teaching at Squam Art Workshops "Into the Mystic", a retreat held at the soulful Sevenoaks Retreat Center in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

I am so full from all I received.  And that beautiful type of energy exchange also leaves me tired in the sweetest of ways.

I stayed in my nest of covers and soft sheets until 3:30p with not bit of guilt, kn... Read more →

A Sunday summer morning

My Journal

Happy Sunday morning.  I am hoping yours looks a bit like this.  Oh to be a very loved chihuahua.

Will, napping soundly beside my daughter.

Just checking in here to send a hug out and share a bit.  I do a good bit of sharing on so... Read more →

a day in June

My Journal

4:40 am.  I am wide awake.

So I quietly slipped out of bed and made some coffee and now here I sit. Wide awake with you. And thinking about this past year and this new year.

It is cold and dark outside.  I have a little heater in my office studio. I am wearing a sweater with a fake fur collar that is like a coat.

But there was a day last summer that was really glorious and the sun was shining.  I was on the farm outside my cottage studio. I was with an amazing photographer, some white wine, mu... Read more →

The Goodness

My Journal


That is the word I find myself using and thinking about a lot lately. The leaves are falling on me like blankets this season.  I am surrounded with beauty and color and I am joyous.  Seriously happy in a way that is so deep and pure.

I have so much tell you.  Little tiny strings of joy to share with you. Settle in for a few minutes with me.  Sit close.

I have made a few changes this fall.  One of them is daily studio time. And this puts me smack in the middle of a beautiful ... Read more →