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My word for 2021 is "ask"...

It has been whispering to me as all my words of the year have in the past; ever so softly and showing up in all kinds of places.

"ASK" as in asking for what I need.  

"ASKING" hard things of myself.

"ASKING" the universe properly.

“ASKING" others to respect my opinions as I respect theirs.

“ASKING" leaders and politicians to do what is right for all of us, not just some of us.  

ASK is such a big word yet it is just three letters.

What is your word of 2021 going to be? Here is a link to some of my word offerings this year.  I created an affirmation and small print that will ship with each. I cannot add in a tight enough hug...but I am going to try.

When  you choose your word, think of it as walking beside a word all year long...a visible and mental reminder of what you are walking towards. ✨

I love the idea of walking towards something.

Choosing a word of the year has been life changing for me. My word last year was mercy. It was a hard one.  

It meant showing myself mercy...and extending it to others. 2020 needed so much mercy.

For me, even when the year ends, all of these words are with me.

My past words stay with me. Ready. Trust. Clear. Steady. Ease. Allow. Mercy.

Some of these words played bigger parts than others.  Some were easier to walk beside. 

But all are with me as guideposts as I go forward.



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