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back from the mystic

My Journal

On Labor Day weekend, I returned home from a week away teaching at Squam Art Workshops "Into the Mystic", a retreat held at the soulful Sevenoaks Retreat Center in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

I am so full from all I received.  And that beautiful type of energy exchange also leaves me tired in the sweetest of ways.

I stayed in my nest of covers and soft sheets until 3:30p with not bit of guilt, kn... Read more →

A Sunday summer morning

My Journal

Happy Sunday morning.  I am hoping yours looks a bit like this.  Oh to be a very loved chihuahua.

Will, napping soundly beside my daughter.

Just checking in here to send a hug out and share a bit.  I do a good bit of sharing on so... Read more →

a day in June

My Journal

4:40 am.  I am wide awake.

So I quietly slipped out of bed and made some coffee and now here I sit. Wide awake with you. And thinking about this past year and this new year.

It is cold and dark outside.  I have a little heater in my office studio. I am wearing a sweater with a fake fur collar that is like a coat.

But there was a day last summer that was really glorious and the sun was shining.  I was on the farm outside my cottage studio. I was with an amazing photographer, some white wine, mu... Read more →

The Goodness

My Journal


That is the word I find myself using and thinking about a lot lately. The leaves are falling on me like blankets this season.  I am surrounded with beauty and color and I am joyous.  Seriously happy in a way that is so deep and pure.

I have so much tell you.  Little tiny strings of joy to share with you. Settle in for a few minutes with me.  Sit close.

I have made a few changes this fall.  One of them is daily studio time. And this puts me smack in the middle of a beautiful ... Read more →

Hour of Gold

My Journal

When I look back at teaching Hour of Gold at Squam this September, I will remember the light in those New Hampshire woods.

Hour of Gold

The light from the water that danced on our cabin walls each morning.

The light that was on each night in the library where I set up my class and studio as these women continued to alter the pages of ... Read more →