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All of my best artwork comes when I turn off my thoughts and allow my heart and my hands to lead. It is almost as if my hands know what to do and what to write.

My job is often just to allow this process to unfold.

I love setting my desk up to return to; it feels almost like setting up a stage to dance upon. Below is how I left my art desk in the studio recently.

I thought about it when I was home. This "returning" to a space set up for me might be a big part of the magic.

Another part of my process involves trust and not caring if I make "a mistake" or something doesn't come out right. 

Mistakes are more okay...they are encouraged even.

You can always rip something out or go over just push through and see what your hands do.


I love witnessing the beauty when women experience that kind of creative freedom...the freedom of non-judgement...the freedom of possibility.

It is a privilege to set up a safe and beautiful space that people come to play and experiment in.

I know this: when we are brave in any areas of our lives, it feeds other parts of our lives too. 

And it opens heart space inside us.  

I witness this kind of transformation in every workshop. 

I am working on my fall workshop schedule this week. 

More soon...



ps...all the sweet pictures of hands are from the wildly talented photographer Cindy Fatsis.

ps.2...I teach this unfolding process in my online workshop, lost and found....just in case you cannot make it to my studio. 

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