Staying 'curious' word for 2022

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The word of the year journey feels more gentle than a yearly resolution.

For me, it is a whisper, a friend, a breeze, and always a gentle reminder of what I am walking towards.

Last year my word of the year was 'ask'...and it was a good one.  There are years that my chosen word and my life path are so aligned.  Ask was a good companion for 2021.

It prompted me to use my voice, ask for what I needed, and also to ask hard things of myself and others.

And in the asking and listening, it lead me to my word for 2022...'curious". 

Curious feels comfortable to me. It is not asking me to commit.

It is asking me to sample, consider, be open to something different.  Maybe that different is just a new idea or a new way of seeing something.  Or maybe it is more a new way of eating.  

In a world that feels so reactive, 'curious' feels kind. At times when I feel anger or fear, I would like to instead feel 'curious' as to why I am feeling that way.  

And I think curiosity is so full of wonder.   It is curiosity that keeps me so engaged in my studio. 

Curious asks us "what if...?".

How about you?

Have you started to think about your word for 2022

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