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Green beans are one of my quietest teachers.

Pretty much every year for the past ten years, I have grown them. The simple act of picking them reminds me just because I cannot see them doesn’t mean they aren't there.

I can pick the green beans, leave with a handful, go back out in a few minutes, and find more.

They were there the whole time but I did not see them. I had to look a little harder... stay a little longer.

This year is especially sweet as I added science (❤️🙏🏻) and organic nutrients in because all I had were leaves. The yield in produce since I made these changes has been epic.

Add in this little fern to my teachers this year too.

When they grow, the new growth is a different color and looks like a weed. It looks nothing like the rest of the plant. I mistakingly pulled a few of these off early on.

New growth that looks like a weed...this thought, this lesson, gives me hope for this hard, turbulent time we are in.

Some things are unrecognizable right now, yet there is growth and rebirth. 

All of this gentle wisdom and knowing is a few steps away.

When I slow down, stay in the moment and in nature, the truth is waiting for me to see it.


ps. November is a few minutes away.  My backyard garden has no idea. 

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