My Story

Colleen AttaraPhotos: Cindy Fatsis

I am a storyteller, a photographer,
a mixed media artist and at my core
a defiant creative. I see possibility
in everything and in everyone. I see
possibility in you.

My superpower is connecting others to their unique creativity. I lead them back to the kind of joy they felt as a child when they played with paint, paper and thread.

I am a nest builder, a space holder and a risk taker.

I teach others how to make space to hold the heavy parts of ourselves we carry. We sew them tenderly between altered book pages.

As a child I lived in an imaginary world in a dysfunctional home where everyone was doing their best. I learned early to trust my intuition and I was off to live my best life the day after I graduated high school.

I married a guy I knew at 12. I started loving him at 16. We reconnected at 21. We are both 58. He is a leaper and a risk taker too with a huge heart and a great sense of humor. We were both raised by our two children, Paige 25 and Wyatt 28, who have turned us into fine adults. They are our greatest teachers. They are really proud of us and we are very proud of them.

At the core of my beliefs is that there is such beauty when we do the small repairs. The world is resetting right now. I believe we are all connected and when one of us is hurting, we are all hurting.

I was born to be in the world right now. I want to do the big and small repair work that is vital. I dream and make art in an 1800’s stone cottage on a historic farm.

My deep wish is that what I have to offer the world is what your heart needs to see.

My offerings are my line of greeting cards, prints, journals, original art, and intimate workshops (in person) and my latest offering is my online workshops. 

I have been delighted at how intimate & life changing my online offerings have been. 

When I am not in my my studio, nesting or with my sweeties (brown-eyed husband, son, daughter & blue eyed dog), I roam typically wonder by foot and dream of warm days to pull our Bambi Airstream near water. I can often be found on my yoga mat or stitching quietly on the right side of a cozy couch.

Thank you for finding me here. I hope to meet you at the cottage or in my online workshop. Till then, please stay open, creative and safe.