waiting...in layers

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Last week I was waiting in my neurologist’s office where I have waited so many times these almost two years since my concussion.
I love waiting there. I feel seen. Understood. Heard. I would sit in the office happily for hours. Dr. Emil Matarese is a healer of the highest degree.
I thought I was losing my mind back in January 2019. I wasn’t. 
I suffered a brain injury in a car accident and weeks went by before I could figure out that I had a concussion. Dr. Matarese illuminated the tunnel before me. And he is still walking me through it.
For this visit, I dressed in layers of a handmade skirt, cottons, wool, and brought the most beautiful handmade bag along.
I am a professional wait-er. And I know this for sure...you have to soothe yourself as you wait.
Wear layers. Giggle. Ask for what you need. Shine your own light out into the world. Healing is time consuming for sure. 
The sign on the front desk made me laugh out loud under my mask. 
We are all a bit unsteady right now.
We have to be our own “desk”.
Yes. Self care. Deep sleep. Layers. More layers.
Ps. They brought me coffee. Coffee in covid times. I felt like they handed me rare spices from India. I was gushing with joy.

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