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My Journal

It has truly been a year of transition over here.

We sold a house full of history and stories that spanned 15 years. We sold or gave away most of what we owned.  We packed up everything that had meaning and rented a four story apartment with plaster walls and porches on porches that overlooked the canal and we settled in. We are on a new adventure.

This past January I took another leap and licensed my card line to a much bigger company that is empowered by women, Read more →

Navigating Change

My Journal

When we sold our house last spring, we moved 25 minutes down the river, across a bridge and into another state. Yet being in Lambertville, New Jersey has felt like a world away.

I cannot tell if it is the move itself or the act of change that has created such a shift in me.

We moved from the suburbs into a small city. Front porches matter here.

Our New Porch

Most homes have a sign out front that... Read more →

The "No Plan" Plan

My Journal

Yesterday  I sat down on a snowy March day, to catch up here.  I started writing about the winter and how I chose this year to spend 25 days of it in warmth.  Right about that time the power went off and stayed off for 16 hours.  Sweet irony as winter wanted to be sure I felt it. It would not be ignored no matter how many beaches I walked on.

Basically, ... Read more →

a weekend workshop at my cottage studio

My Journal

One of my deep beliefs is that we have everything we need. It is inside us, around us, in our closets and in our hearts.

So this past year, lovely souls from across the country reached out to me to teach.  "Was I ever in their area?"   Not yet.  Not this year.  

After looking at beautiful places to teach in California last minute, I decided to open up my cottage studio for a long fall weekend in October.  I create in one of the most magical spaces around; in my little cottage studio in the middle of ... Read more →

my yoga mat and my little red wagon

My Journal

It is Friday, which starts with me on my yoga mat at 7:30am. I am two cups of coffee in, Rufus Wainwright radio is playing softly in my home studio.  I am getting ready to send an email out about my holiday events this month which means updating my event page first.

yes love

I often feel like my business is this vintage red wagon filled with positivity and good energy and I am gently pulling it up a hil... Read more →