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Hour of Gold

My Journal

When I look back at teaching Hour of Gold at Squam this September, I will remember the light in those New Hampshire woods.

Hour of Gold

The light from the water that danced on our cabin walls each morning.

The light that was on each night in the library where I set up my class and studio as these women continued to alter the pages of ... Read more →

Our mission trip. Year three.

My Journal

Year three on a mission trip with my 17-year-old daughter. And 24 other teens.  And eight adults I have grown to know and love.

Three years ago, was our first mission trip to Freeport, Grand Bahamas.  On the way to the airport early that morning, I cried.  I was with a very angry 15-year-old and a bunch of people who knew each other other.  I felt so vulnerable.

That was year one. It was amazing. We went back again. Read more →

Over coffee

My Journal

Time gets away from me. And I have so much to share with you.

I want to tell you about the National Stationery Show and how good it felt to be there.  To show up again.

And I want to share about Squam Art Workshops. About all the magic.  And that each time I am there the magic is a little different, but what I need to see and feel at that moment.

Both of theses experiences need to be separate because they are so rich. So I will come b... Read more →

Naps save lives

My Journal

The National Stationery Show is a little less than a month away and I have been in a sea of paper.  And I love every second of it.  Creating. Sewing. Designing.  Thinking and then rethinking.

Lately, my creative process takes place on my kitchen table more than in my studio.  I need to scan, print and play in photoshop and my cozy little studio has no technology except a coffee maker and a sewing machine.   But it is stocked with every kind of paste, gel, stamp and paint you can think of.  So I have been ma... Read more →

My one little words

My Journal

A cold January and February.  Me, inside, warm and busy, creating and shipping out lots of One Little Words.  These are words that people make part of their day and year.  I script them out of salvaged material. And they become visible.

I am grateful to be a part of Ali Edwards' powerful One Little Word movement.

I pause as every salvaged word is created and packaged with love. I think about each person and why they picke... Read more →