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Full circle...

My Journal

I have been hosting mending & slow stitching circles at my studio. And for this last one my sweet mother-in-law came and sat in this circle. What a gift.

After stitching, sharing and being present under a shady tree at my studio, I drop her off at my daughter's tattoo shop to get a shoulder tattoo. She is 86 & her back is about 40 years old. 

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My Journal

Creativity. It takes us out of our thinking brain and puts us right into this exact moment. 

Although I teach & live this, over the past weekend Mike and I did a one day pottery class at Lisa Naples Studio in Frenchtown and I got to watch this unfold befor... Read more →

in her studio

Image of "In Her Studio" magazine cover

I was recently published in the "In Her Studio" magazine. 

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podcast - born into grief and fully embracing joy


“I understood really early about when you go through extreme grief, that there's loss in different kinds of ways. It’s not just the person that passed away…It’s all the threads that hold you close.”

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podcast - colleen attara on living a creative life


Colleen Attara talks about living a creative life, art journalling, the importance of art, and creative spaces.
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