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Full circle...

My Journal

I have been hosting mending & slow stitching circles at my studio. And for this last one my sweet mother-in-law came and sat in this circle. What a gift.

After stitching, sharing and being present under a shady tree at my studio, I drop her off at my daughter's tattoo shop to get a shoulder tattoo. She is 86 & her back is about 40 years old. 

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My Journal

Creativity. It takes us out of our thinking brain and puts us right into this exact moment. 

Although I teach & live this, over the past weekend Mike and I did a one day pottery class at Lisa Naples Studio in Frenchtown and I got to watch this unfold befor... Read more →

Some of the things I wanted to share this week with you...

My Journal

So...the weeks pass.  I lean deeply into the changing weather, the heaviness of the world, and mostly, deeply into my joy.

I touch that joy daily...and because there is only so much time and space in a day, I do not always get to share the tiny bits and pieces.

Here are a few of those bits and pieces of observations and affirmations. xo.

On a dog walk with Cleo, I pass a free book that is wet to the core.  I do not take it as I figure it might take years to dry.  But I smile  at the title and ... Read more →

Leave a Lock...on Love Lock Bridge

colleen attara colleen attara studio My Journal

Sometimes, when someone asks me what I do for a living, I say I am an artist and that I teach people how to create spaces in art journals to hold pieces of themselves; pieces of their stories.

Oh course, like many artists, I do lots of things in my creative business, but helping people heal through art is a favorite of mine.

My hope (aim) is that maybe I help people navigate more ligh... Read more →

Staying 'curious' word for 2022

colleen attara colleen attara studio My Journal OLW. one little word word of the year Your word your word 2022

The word of the year journey feels more gentle than a yearly resolution.

For me, it is a whisper, a friend, a breeze, and always a gentle reminder of what I am walking towards.

Last year my word of the year was 'ask'...and it was a good one.  There are years that my chosen word and my life path are so aligned.  Ask was a good companion for 2021.

It prompted me to use my voice, ask for what I needed, and also to ask hard things of myself and others.

And in the asking and listening, it le... Read more →