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Radical Wellness Retreat

September 26-October 2, 2023, Mani Greece

Movement, Meditation & Magic with Sue Elkind & Special Guest Artist, Colleen Attara (this is going to be so good!)... 

Join Sue Elkind, and special guest artist Colleen Attara, in Southern Greece at Zen Rocks, a spectacular retreat center in the magnificent olive growing region of Kalamata in the Mani peninsula!  

Enjoy six nights/seven days of empowering yoga & radical wellness practices, creative play, swim at spectacular beaches, walk, hike, visit nearby charming villages, ancient sites and byzantine churches, or simply relax and let the magic of the place heal you. 

Expect to be pampered with warm hospitality, complete with delicious meals using fresh local ingredients and the center’s own organic olive oil. Everything you may need in order to rest, relax, and immerse yourself is waiting for you here.  

As an added bonus, we will explore how creativity is a pillar of radical wellness. Colleen will guide us in embracing our creativity with childlike joy & wonder using the sea, sun & nature. Using what we have inside us & around us, we will create a small visual journal to capture bits of the daily magic & awakenings to take home with us through color and words. We will also engage the sun and sea using the cyanotype process. 

Ps. These are retreats that I do and strongly believe in in my own daily life. Sue is one of my teachers and yoga & in life.  She is wise and knowing and has been a light in both mine and Michael's life. xo.


Link here for more info and to join me.