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My Journal

So...the weeks pass.  I lean deeply into the changing weather, the heaviness of the world, and mostly, deeply into my joy.

I touch that joy daily...and because there is only so much time and space in a day, I do not always get to share the tiny bits and pieces.

Here are a few of those bits and pieces of observations and affirmations. xo.

On a dog walk with Cleo, I pass a free book that is wet to the core.  I do not take it as I figure it might take years to dry.  But I smile  at the title and subtitle and think of all the years I was about 14 years.  And then I giggle, because that whole time, if you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would tell you "a news anchor".  I did do exactly that. And that cracks me up.

But stuttering was painful and hard and yet as a child it did not define me.  I love my little girl self.  She was fierce.

On Easter, I baked a homemade ricotta cheese cake.  It was everything I dreamed it would be.  I love baking.

That same morning, I found a wig at a flea market and wore it all day.

How is it that I can at times feel most myself when I don't look like myself? We went to a tulip farm and picked tulips.  The whole day was tender and sweet. And my family lets me do me.  

And they smile. 

Later that night, my son says, " are still in that wig!".

Yes....I was. Insert my giggle right here.  Note to self: we do not need it to be halloween to dress up. xxo.

And about that tulip farm...I want to be this red tulip fearlessly in a field of yellow.

I spoke with a friend I used to work with in television way back when. We were so amused at our younger selves.

I sent her this picture below that was pinned over my desk 30 years ago...a quote from Chris Walker, who I believed played for VillaNova. Please note how yellow it is...and all the pin marks. 

Just in case you need to see or hear this...I am saying to you "There is nothing in you that will let you fail". What is failure anyway..just a stone on the path to becoming you.  

Tight hugs to you...from me.


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