Celebrating and resetting

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“i brought the home inside me here. I unpacked and stayed in the comfort of me”...

For Mother’s Day I spent three glorious nights at the Himilayan Institute in Honesdale, Pa.

It was the kindest, calmest, quietest gift that I will be unwrapping for a long time to come.

The serenity and gentleness there is hard to describe. I ate healthy delicious food, deepened my meditation practice and drank in all the kindness and light.
The 400 acre campus was so tranquil...the grounds and the people.
A few things that I believe fully and practice...#1 being that we must refill our own cups to do the healing work the world so needs.
I love when people I love see my efforts and honor them, but above all, I must honor these efforts.
And that was exactly what I did over those three nights
I set up an art area upon arrival. I created a journal using the pages of a  catalog...layering paper and ink to catch moments I wanted to remember. Here is my room...my sanctuary for a few nights.
I love simplicity.
I journaled to remember completely removing myself from my comfort zone and how freeing it feels. Arriving with almost zero research and a heart full of trust.
I wrote on a journal page:
“Such quiet. i adjust.
i reset in discomfort.
i leave my comfort and
relearn comfort in the new quiet.
i center. “
I also relearn comfort in community, self care, healthy food and in meditation.
I am reminded of crossing the North Sea alone on a ferry at 21. So knowing without knowing anything. Just following my instinct which was so enough.
Ps. I accidently left behind a hairbrush, my laptop, my phone charger....and none were essential. ❤️❤️🙌🏻
Ps2. In addition to making sure I have what I need to honor my journey as a mom, I also buy myself a gift on each child's birthday. Each year they navigate their world is a little bit of a self celebration. They are my greatest teachers. 

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