mornings at my studio

My Journal

Here is how a perfect morning starts out at my studio; a cup of coffee, freshly picked flowers, and my paintbrushes waiting patiently for paint.

mornings at my studio

My studio is in a small cottage dating back to the early 1800's on 234 acres of preserved farmland.  Farmers work the fields outside my window and a thriving art center is next door.  My studio has no computer or TV.  I do have a microwave, a CD player and a small coffee maker.  I have an oven and a shower too, both of which are used for storage.  My stove has a reused sign on top of it converting it to a work counter and the closest it gets to heat is a small candle burning on a nearby table.

Here is that nearby candle on top of a piece of scrap Plexiglas where I keep words and pictures that inspire me.  The table it is on converts from a work station, reading cubby and bistro table for one to an elaborately set dinner table for six if needed.  Usually it is a work and inspiration station.

mornings at my studio

My studio is where I go to create and design but it is also where I go just to think about creating and designing.

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