ordinary to extraordinary

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My new website is up and running! It makes me soooo happy.  Eleanor Grosch of Just Eleanor was my web designer and I can’t say enough kind words about her.  I looked high and low for a designer with enough technical know–how to get the job done well, but I also wanted to work with someone who was an artist at the core.

In Eleanor, I found a kindred spirit. She is talented enough to have her art on skateboards and sneakers, yet she has this old soul quality to her.  She is based in Philadelphia and teaches at the University of the Arts.  It didn’t matter to me that Eleanor was local, but when she came to visit me after working together for weeks on my site via the internet, I was so glad she was close.  She arrived wearing the sweetest vintage looking dress, in car from PhillyCarShare (a woman after my own heart!), and her hair was in a pixy cut that she told me she altered herself.  I felt like I had known her a hundred years and want to know her a hundred more.  I found her through my good friend, Heather Davulcu. Heather is an amazing artist and can recognize brilliance in others very quickly.

Speaking of brilliance and creativity, recently I had the pleasure of going to Annapolis, Maryland on a whim with my husband Michael.  It was a magical few days.  More on that adventure later. We wound up on Maryland Avenue, looking for a boutique consignment shop called Oliver’s Buy-Sell-trade (no website yet). I saw an ad in a visitor’s guide for this cool little shop. It was the only clothing store I ventured into and it was all I needed.  So with 2 sweet dresses in hand, we walked down the street and in a big window there were two signs for places to rent.  They were almost side-by-side.

ordinary to extraordinary

ordinary to extraordinary

Which one would you call first? No doubt, we would all call the number on the first sign.

I admit I do have a fondness for windows and doors, but I think this shows that creativity has a place in our everyday life all the time.  Just a little bit of color and creativity can turn ordinary into extraordinary.


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