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Creativity. It takes us out of our thinking brain and puts us right into this exact moment. 

Although I teach & live this, over the past weekend Mike and I did a one day pottery class at Lisa Naples Studio in Frenchtown and I got to watch this unfold before me.  I never tire of watching this process.

Lisa is one of those teachers that teach us how to live as well as deeply connect to clay. This woman is a gift. Note to self: look for the teachers…the healers. 

I have been with Mike for 37 years…34 of them married. Mike has always said he wanted to someday work with clay….little whispers over almost four decades. 

My sister & I book a pottery class a few months back. Then she cancels her trip last minute to fly out the next week. Mike goes to the pottery class with me on a Saturday during golf season (he is a PGA)  pro who also runs a golf management company… these guys don’t do pottery on Saturdays!)….and there we are….Mike’s hands in clay. 

Mike makes four beautiful bowls…I make two. He adds a rounding to his bowls that seem primal, ancient….as if his hands have always known clay and are merely getting reacquainted. 

And he is so present in this moment. And I understand why I love this guy so much and why I love creativity so deeply. 

We all need it. We must get out of our heads and into our hearts. 

What an accidental gift my sister gave Mike and I. But are there really any accidents? I don’t think so. 

I may eat/drink everything from these six bowls. xo.


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