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I have been hosting mending & slow stitching circles at my studio. And for this last one my sweet mother-in-law came and sat in this circle. What a gift.

After stitching, sharing and being present under a shady tree at my studio, I drop her off at my daughter's tattoo shop to get a shoulder tattoo. She is 86 & her back is about 40 years old. 

And this sweet life of mine comes full circle. This woman who I have loved on sight since I was 16 getting tattooed at the age of 86. Her mom’s name was Rose. Her dad was Guy. Paige hid a “g” in the stem.   Note to self:  it is never too late to honor your parents.

And as my daughter leans over her, inking the most beautiful rose….every memory washes over me. 

May we all be getting a shoulder tattoo at 86.  

What really strikes me about the past 24 hours is that my mother in ❤️ just kept saying yes…to everything I asked. “Mom, want to go sit in a circle with me and make tea’s & tinctures?”…


“Mom, want to come to my studio and stitch?”…


Daughter asks “gram, want to get that tattoo we talked about tomorrow?”…


Let’s all shout yes! To possibility all the way to 86...and beyond.


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