reusing picture frames

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I have been creating art from recycled materials for almost ten years.  I have taken many classes in watercolors, oils, acrylics and other mediums. Although I enjoyed them, I realized I got completely lost in making art when I was reusing materials.  I felt as if these objects found me and I loved looking at something that was being discarded and seeing what it "could be"  instead of what it "was".  I didn't realize then that I was embarking on a "green" journey that would gain incredible momentum.

So, how does an eco-artist reuse in her own living space? Lets go in my backyard.  On my side fence is a setting of pink wrought iron chairs.  Over them are three frames that a neighbor of a friend of mine was throwing out.  People say to me all the time "I know you can think of something to do with these". That is what she said and this is what I did.

reusing picture frames

I added a bit of mistake paint in turquoise to the frames.  At the start of each season, I go out with a paint brush and add a little fresh color. I also have found a kindred spirit in an amazing landscaper who helped me hang the hardware and create this setting.  Here is a closer shot taken about a month ago. My has my garden grown!

reusing picture frames

Who would have thought these three trash picked frames could enjoy such a creative afterlife?  I love the idea of framing fresh flowers, which have been painted and framed by artists for centuries.

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