writing signs in chalk

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A few weeks ago, I had my work in a wonderful outdoor show and it all came down around me. Literally crashing down.  A loud noise as metal, wood, salvaged plastic and glass and countless hours in my studio hit the cement.

Yes, I did have tent weights.  But my display was back weighted and I had these amazing curtains that acted as a sort of parachute when a strong wind came through. Note to self: air holes are good. If my artwork had been lighter, it may have taken flight.

It was interesting how I reacted to this happening.

I became a bystander of sorts, very removed from the immediate scene.  Lots of people rushed over.  I just took it all in, rather removed.  My 14-year-old daughter (so glad she was there with me to take over) was quick to notice a very black cloud approaching quickly.  My one tent leg was bent and the tent was unusable. My artwork out in a storm was not an option, so we quickly packed it all up.

Then the rain came, both the approaching storm and my own tears of disappointment. I left a little sign in my space in wet chalk on a piece of painted scrap plastic just before I pulled away.

writing signs in chalk

That night, I put myself on a sort of vacation that lasted for close to two weeks.  I fulfilled obligations, but didn't push any harder than that.  Because I push really hard most of the time.

I love what I do.  But it is not uncommon for me to say to myself, "stay a bit longer in your studio.  Finish one more thing...".

I thought back to a week before when a close friend texted me to walk on the canal as I was getting ready for this show.  I responded, "Can't. Bummer."

Hmm...no time to walk? Really?

I texted her that night. "Wanna walk tomorrow?".

I am now officially back from my break and I am happy to say, I am writing new signs in chalk.  Here is my latest outside my studio.

writing signs in chalk

P.s.  My artwork was not hurt in the crash.  It is fine. That is the beauty of using recycled materials, they are tough...and beautiful.

Meanwhile,  I am saying yes to walks. And to summer.

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