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why I recycle in my art

My Journal

Have you ever thought so hard and so deeply that your head hurt a bit?

That is what I have been doing everyday for the past two weeks.  I have turned my attention inward and have been thinking about "why"  I do what I do.  I know that I "make joyful art from reclaimed materials".

I do this happily.

I do this almost everyday.

This tag line is on my business cards, my website, and every social media site I am engaged in.

It took months to come up with that simple little line that d... Read more →

ready for the new year...

My Journal

This is where my new year began.

ready for the new year

After what seemed to be a few hours of sleep, my daughter and I boarded an early morning plane New Year's Day with her dance troop (about 30 dancers in all, their moms and Read more →

studio journal

My Journal

This past week, during a moment of calm, I paged through a journal that I keep in my studio.  I loved turning the pages and seeing a year unfold before me.

I purchased this handmade art book at an outdoor market with my daughter in High Falls, New York.  We had an art getaway weekend, just the two of us the spring before last.  We stumbled upon an outdoor market in the middle of town on a Sunday morning and an artist selling tiny handmade books.

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the artist's reception

My Journal

A week ago today was the Artist's Reception at Capital Health Medical Center in Hopewell.  A few weeks before the big November 6th opening, the 70 local artists involved (each with a guest) gathered  at this beautiful hospital.  We broke up in small groups and took a tour of the facility to look at the artwork.  The hospital is a million square feet, so even a small tour is a big one. The artwork was amazing.

The thought behind it and the cohesive outcome leaves me speechless. As we walk by my work our guid... Read more →

setting the stage to create

My Journal

I have been moving really fast lately. Faster than my normal speed. My mind has been full of creative thoughts and creative deadlines. It is almost as if there is an invisible taskmaster demanding me to create something amazing “right now” and then following up with “I’ll be back in ten hours and it better be done”. But the voice pushing me forward is a gentle voice. It is very calm. It is very positive. And it is my own.

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