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the artist's reception

My Journal

A week ago today was the Artist's Reception at Capital Health Medical Center in Hopewell.  A few weeks before the big November 6th opening, the 70 local artists involved (each with a guest) gathered  at this beautiful hospital.  We broke up in small groups and took a tour of the facility to look at the artwork.  The hospital is a million square feet, so even a small tour is a big one. The artwork was amazing.

The thought behind it and the cohesive outcome leaves me speechless. As we walk by my work our guid... Read more →

setting the stage to create

My Journal

I have been moving really fast lately. Faster than my normal speed. My mind has been full of creative thoughts and creative deadlines. It is almost as if there is an invisible taskmaster demanding me to create something amazing “right now” and then following up with “I’ll be back in ten hours and it better be done”. But the voice pushing me forward is a gentle voice. It is very calm. It is very positive. And it is my own.

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almost there

My Journal

This week I am installing my 70-foot Urban Landscape made of all recycled business signs in Capital Health Medical Center Hopewell.  The night before, I was up until 4:30 a.m. making finishing touches and preparing for a year's worth of work to leave my studio.  What a night!  At around 9 p.m., I cut my finger with a razor blade and my dear friend Wendy, past nurse, drove over to put a butterfly on it.  She said I... Read more →

altered books

My Journal

Whenever I teach an altered book class, some of my students have a hard time when it comes to ripping out the pages. I love the process of deciding which pages tell the story I want to tell. I put the other pages in a file to use later in the process. Turning a special book into art is one of my favorite ways to reuse.

Below is the first book I ever altered. This book is very much about my mom, but I made it just for me. She died three years ago after a long illness. We reached a point when she was complete... Read more →

a major installation

My Journal

In about a month, I will be installing a 70-foot installation that is made of all acrylic business signs that have been taken down or replaced. I will be installing it (with help!) in a a new hospital filled with original art all from local artists in a 50-mile radius.

My design is a colorful urban city that becomes more rural as the youngest patients and their parents walk into the pediatric corridor... Read more →