my inspiration art deck

My Journal

I have been a bit distracted lately.  I have 50 things started, but nothing is finished.

So last week, I just gave in.

I gave into my distraction.  I ignored all the work I was supposed to do and I made 52 little pieces of original art from a deck of cards.

I cut up old business cards (reuse, reuse, reuse!) with pictures of my work and made them part of a gallery wall with little signs that said things like "artist at peace" or "artist at rest".  This was my very first design I ever sold as an artist.  I love seeing just pieces of things, leaving the rest to your imagination. On these cards you just see part of my paintings.

my inspiration art deck

This project was inspired by one of my new friends, artist Jessica Brogan.

I read about this "Inspiration Deck" art swap on Jessica's wonderful blog, In Search Of Dessert.  Here is a link complete with details.

I meet Jessica in my online class, Hello Soul, Hello Business.  I also have meet a few hundred other artists.

This is all part of my distraction. This amazing course has added so many creative people to my circle.  So many people to connect to.  I feel so inspired.  And supported.

So, I was inspired by Jessica who was inspired by Christine Mason Miller's latest book, Desire to Inspire.  This a book to curl up with.

Be warned though.  You will want to lock yourself up in a creative space and just create. Which is exactly what I did.  I locked myself up in here.

See how all these little threads of inspiration reach out so far in so many ways?

On the back of each card I wrote little words of inspiration that I found in my studio. All of these wonderful words were at my fingertips.  I just had to look for them.

my inspiration art deck

I had many quotes from this Paul Arden book.  His short, easy to read book talks about the advertising world, but I think it is about life in general.

my inspiration art deck

I really love this quote by Sabrina Ward Harrison.  Well, I love everything about Sabrina Ward Harrison. Especially how her words are woven through her art.

And I am always trying to embrace "the mess".

my inspiration art deck

I even quoted myself.

My friend Heather giggled out loud when she read this.  I have so many more words to get out.

my inspiration art deck

Then I carefully packed all my art cards in a box. I used pieces of scrap paper to separate each row of 5 cards.  I hid a little "upcycled" surprise for Jessica on the very bottom of the box for organizing this amazing art card swap.

In the next month, a package will arrive with 52 cards covered with original art and positive messages on a ring so I can turn them over weekly for inspiration.

I can't wait.

I promise to take pictures and share them here.

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