some packaging help from Mary

My Journal

I make art from reclaimed materials.  Everyday.

This common thread is in all of my artwork; reverse glass paintings, hand-scripted words cut out of scrap plastics, flower gardens and clocks (new!) created from salvaged signage, altered books...

Colors and ideas flow effortlessly out of me.

But packaging stopped me cold.  It has to be recycled.  Nothing new and shiny allowed. And reused boxes are worn.  And show it.  But I love them anyway.

I want upcycled but it must be hopeful and pretty.

Then I found Mary Ann. She is the Mary in Magpie Mary on Etsy and she is my kind of girl.

Little tiny birds, stamps, tags and hearts all cut from the pages of old books and found papers. And she packages them up so sweetly in between reused cardboard from cereal boxes and such.

packaging help from Mary

With the help of Mary, this recycled "pause" left for Australia this week.

packaging help from Mary

It was packaged safely between two pieces of scrap mat board. And all dressed up in Magpie Mary fashion and washi tape.  Doesn't washi tape make everything brighter?

packaging help from Mary

Here is the lesson.

I don't have to do everything myself.  You don't have to do everything yourself.

I could sit and cut up old books and such.  But Mary has this down...and so much more. Check out her Etsy site.

Can you see why I want to buy everything?  So reasonable and cool.  Some things are one dollar!

Packaging is a big deal.  Adding a little bit of Magpie Mary is very true to me and my art. I felt so good sending my sweet "pause" to a far away corner of the world.

So, ask yourself: Can I support another creative business and make my business better in the process? Please do share!

ps. I originally bought all these sweet little shapes to use in altered books. And I love using them there too.

One more ps.  I am going to write here every Tuesday and Thursday. I have lots to share.


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