in my studio mailbox

My Journal

This is what a very good day looks like to me.

Moments when I am so caught up in what I am doing paint is dripping from my hand.

in my studio mailbox

I like my hands covered in paint. I may grab a paint brush but still like the feel of the object as I paint over an edge with my finger.

I took these pictures this past Friday.  I spent all day in my studio playing with altered books, paint and paper.

A glorious day.

Magical.  One page drying while I paint something else.

in my studio mailbox

Today I photographed lots of new work I will put in my shop.  Me, a chilly day, a bit of sunshine, my camera, my art and a beautiful farm.

As I was driving down the farm road headed home, I was thinking about what I had to do next before these photos were in my shop...resizing, watermarking, filing, writing copy and uploading.  Taxes. Blog post.  Email blast.

Thinking how my Monday "to-do" will  drip into Tuesday. Thinking about dinner, the wash I left in the washer, the altered book classes I will teach this week.

Then I stopped to check my studio mailbox.

I could see a bit of washi tape and a colorful envelope as I opened it.

in my studio mailbox

And in it was a card with a really happy llama from Jessica Brogan, a sweet talented artist and friend of mine living in Austin.

It was filled with little scraps of colorful paper,  a stamp from a letter, a picture of a clock...

in my studio mailbox

And these words..."I hope you are well and I just wanted to tell you I think you are lovely".

Jess knew I would love these bits and pieces.

Honestly? Jess you are lovely. And yes, right now I am very well just knowing you thought of me.  Thank you.  I really needed your kindness. So much.

ps.  Jess and I met in an online class.  I haven't met her in person. Yet. Connections are powerful.  So is a hand-written note. Have you done that lately....just sent someone something out of the blue? It means so much.

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