ready for the new year...

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This is where my new year began.

ready for the new year

After what seemed to be a few hours of sleep, my daughter and I boarded an early morning plane New Year's Day with her dance troop (about 30 dancers in all, their moms and dance instructor) on route to Fort Lauderdale to dance during half time at the Orange Bowl.

Our bags were stuffed with dance wear, extra dance shoes, and too many clothes. Less obvious than the two overfilled suitcases, was the long list of expectations I had packed for myself.

I was going to set up a Pinterest account, input all my accounting for the year, work on my website, write a blog, order art supplies, read an art biz book, pick one word to symbolize 2012, work on my business plan, etc...

The list was long.

I did not do one thing on it.

Instead, while my daughter practiced, which seemed like all the time,  I made some really amazing new friends, took lots of pictures, went to a yoga class, spent some time in the spa and napped.

I relaxed.

ready for the new year

Above all, I was inspired by this group of girls who danced in front of 75,000 people for eight minutes.  After many studio hours and lots of practice at home, they put themselves out there and truly shined.

My daughter was not nervous.  Just ready.

Isn't that what we all want to be?  Ready?

Ready for the moment when everyone is watching?  The moment when you are given the opportunity to shine?

ready for the new year

During the performance, I put my camera down and watched my daughter dance. I was present.  I was not trying to preserve a moment. I was in the moment.

And it was magical. Every single second of it.

Most everyone on our trip left the morning after the game.  My daughter and I slept in, had a late breakfast in our room followed by a 5-hour road trip to visit my mother and father in-law.

What road trip would be complete without a trip to Cracker Barrel?  I am so glad we stopped because it was there I discovered I was a genius. My daughter expressed some doubts.

ready for the new year

When we arrived at my mother and father-in-law's warm and wonderful home, this is one of the first things I saw.

ready for the new year

I love this because it reminds me when I put down my long to-do list, everything I want to do will still be waiting for me.

I can cross off one of the things on my list though.  I picked my word for 2012.


Just like my daughter was ready to dance.

I am ready to grow my business.

I am ready to explore new ways to create art from reclaimed materials.

I am ready for every moment I am given the opportunity to shine.

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