painted pages

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I alter books and turn them into art  journals.  Sometimes I honor people who I love on the pages.  Sometimes I just honor me and where I am at that very moment through words and art.

painted pages

Recently I shared this creative process with a gifted high school art class.

They were so open and ready to jump into this concept.

I love that age.  Everything is right on the surface.  All the emotions.  The talent. The angst. The love.

I brought along little bags of inspiration for each student.

painted pages

Each bag was filled with bits and pieces of fabric, buttons, glass, colored string, watch parts, music sheets, old stamps, etc...

I searched flea markets and my own packed studio.  I went into clock shops and explained what I was using the pieces for and said "please".

Isn't the assortment below magical?

painted pages

I explained when and why I altered my first book.  And why I love it so. I showed what I use and I did a demo.  Then I handed over the little bags of magic.

And I stood back and watched their own magic unfold.  And it unfolded quickly.

We started with the covers. Below a metal trinket and paper begin a transformation.

painted pages

Playing with paper is part of the process. Each cut leads to another idea.

painted pages

A window latch becomes a clasp to open and close this book.  Look closely.  The paint on the latch blends in with the crinkled paper on the cover. This cover has so much texture.

painted pages

A saved metal medallion is embedded. Nearby, a fragrant oil waits to be added to the pages.

painted pages

So much is honored. Childhood. Parents. Grandparents. Friendships.  I love hearing each story and then watching it emerge on the cover and pages.

painted pages

It is impossible to be near these artful souls and not be inspired.  The teacher is always taught.

Their art teacher invited me to come do this class.  Along with all the precise and detailed studies they do in their AP art class (amazing), she wanted to share with them another artistic way to unwind and release.  A way to heal through art using an existing book.

She invited me to dance through her class like a muse. I am so grateful to her for sharing her students with me.

I go back again next month.  I am putting together another round of inspiration bags filled with cut pieces of vintage paper in all different shapes.

Shouldn't everybody have a little bag of inspiration?

ps.  Next time I will bring my good camera and take lots of pictures and share every bit of their brilliance. Promise. xo.

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