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6ABC: Quilt Project Trenton Middle School

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TRENTON, N.J. (WPVI) - It's one work of art, filled with many others. A 48-square-foot altered-book quilt, carefully assembled by 180 students at Hedgepeth-Williams Middle School in Trenton. A myriad of little details, reflecting the many minds behind it... Read more →

Artists' Cafe: Sprinkling Hearts on Doorsteps

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Artist's Cafe | Winter 2016

How does a card line start? Mine started accidentally. I dropped a bin filled with a few thousand foam hearts in my doorway as I was walking into my house one afternoon last summer. Red hearts in an assortment of s... Read more →

The Paper Chronicles: New from Colleen Attara

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The Paper Chronicles | July 2016

To me, the best greeting cards look like no other — and there’s not a range I can think of that’s more distinctive than that carefully crafted by Colleen Attara. Read the full article...

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Real Woman: Work In Progress

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Real Woman | Spring 2016

Colleen Attara wasn’t a natural-born artistic ingénue. She wasn’t some kind of gifted savant of painting or drawing or sculpting. Instead, she had, from a very young age, an intense creative spirit and a desire to e... Read more →

Art Licensing Info: Industry Icon Interview

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Art Licensing Info | March 2016

"[Art Licensing Info's] second Industry Icon Interview of 2016 is a very fun one! We got to hang out in person with Colleen at her cozy cottage studio built in the 1800's.

In this interview, Colleen shares her story from corporate life to artist, and sheds light on her style, values and direction as relates to her brand and her life. She even p... Read more →