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Art Licensing Info: Industry Icon Interview

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Art Licensing Info | March 2016

"[Art Licensing Info's] second Industry Icon Interview of 2016 is a very fun one! We got to hang out in person with Colleen at her cozy cottage studio built in the 1800's.

In this interview, Colleen shares her story from corporate life to artist, and sheds light on her style, values and direction as relates to her brand and her life. She even p... Read more →

Squam: Morning on the Dock

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Squam Morning on the Dock | February 2016

A lovely interview with Elizabeth from Squam for their Morning on the Dock Podcast Series, discussions intended to encourage creativity, "pleasure and mindfulness in your day...[as well as] strengthen and cele... Read more →

How do artists find their niche?

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Highbrow | 2016

“Colleen Attara is an eco-artist who salvages discarded materials and signs to create affirmations in the form of wall signs and greeting card collections.

Rethinking then reusing materials to refocus her thoughts is foundational to her creative process...” Read the full article...

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Top Instagram Posts of 2015

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Colleen Atttara Studio | Paintbrushes

My card made Stampington & Co.'s Top Instagram Posts of 2015 "Allow yourself time to play. It will all come together beautifully if you let go and trust the process." — @colleenattara, from the pages of Sew Somerset. #stampington #sewsomerset #creativity #inspiration #mixedmedia Read more →

Stationery Trends: The Well-Dressed Desk

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Stationery Trends | Winter 2016

It wasn't too long ago that a home office was nothing more than a desk, chair and computer, plus a few function-driven accessories, but times have definitely changed. According to a study by the T... Read more →