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Sew Somerset: Altered Affirmations

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Sew Somerset | Summer 2015

As an artist, the truest work that I create is the work that I need to see. This is especially true with this altered book of affirmations. I needed this book. I needed my own words to start each day with a clear vis... Read more →

Sew Somerset: Sprinkling Hearts & Altered Book

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Sew Somerset | Winter 2015

Six years ago, my mother passed away after a long illness. Her decline was hard to witness, but that last year was full of goodness. Little things mattered most, like naps, holding hands, and lemon coo... Read more →

Make Money Making Art with Ann Rea

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CreativeLive | March 10, 2014

CreativeLive | March 10, 2014

Guest ‘Artist Who THRIVES’ on CreativeLive’s wildly popular business and money course, Make Money Making Art with Ann Rae. View course details...

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One Word Three Sixty Five | #oneword365

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“So a material that had no value now has value for us both. And the person buying the hand-scripted word also feels good about the way the word was created.” Read the full article... Read more →

Artists of Yardley present annual juried show at Capital Health-Hopewell

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Janet Purcell | The Times of Trenton

I chose Colleen Attara's "Enough" collage for third place, and that was because she carried through her original concept in the small piece.

A collaged paper bearing the words "Just knowing you are near is enough" is stitched to the surface of the work, along with trunks of trees that complete a wooded scene.

At the roots of a tree, Attara clipped and stitched a dictionary definition: "PEACE: Quiet. Tranquil." These images are sewn to a map showing minimall... Read more →