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On a cold spring day, a note arrived in my email that felt like summer.

"Your art is beautiful, heartfelt and was exactly what I needed this morning as I continue to try muster up the courage to commit to being a full time artist rather than just a part-time creative soul." 

Thank you Michelle.  Your email meant so much. It makes me really happy to think that my creative journey inspired you and maybe others.

And it is a journey.  Sometimes it is full of serendipity.  Some days it feels long.

But the most important thing I do is simply start. I put a canvas or window on my easel and walk away.  I write down the idea or words for a new print or card and leave it on my studio desk. I begin an altered book by painting one page over in gesso.

And then I trust the process. I have put something in motion.


This past week, just taking the dead holiday greens out from my studio window box was enough.  I know if I do that, I will be inspired to add pansies.  At my studio, I also added in a little recycled "patience"  as I wait (not so patiently) for a string of sunny days ahead.

The flowers in my window lasted all the mean winter. I need to add a few more in, but right now I am just celebrating these few and their brightness and resiliency.

And speaking of flowers, I am a big believer in planting creative seeds everyday.  For me, these seeds can be applying for a show, emailing a collector, sending a thank you card, commenting on a blog or applying for a grant.

Or just sprinkling some hearts in your path.  I sprinkled some hearts on my studio steps last summer and uncovered one while raking up winter and fall last week.

Good energy always comes back to you.


Writing about starting and inspiration, I am in love with my new website.  I worked with Matt and Darice Pauselius.  Meet them here over the details of how we rebranded and redid my site.

We did indeed start and we finished in record time.  It was so great to work with like-minded souls who are artists and are amazing at coding.

I cannot sprinkle enough praise on them.

What do you think?  Do you love it too? 

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