My studio sink

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Last week, the fun and talented Cindy Fatsis asked if she could photograph my studio as part of a project she was working on.

Cindy was born with an eye for composition and color.  You see it in her design work, in how she dresses and in her photos.  You know it the minute you look at her.

She did not want to take any photos of my artwork.  Just my space.

As it was. As I work.

We walked in together that morning.  And my studio was as I left it the day before.

I love seeing my world (my studio sink!) through Cindy's eyes.

my studio sink

My slippers that my rescue puppy chewed and I refuse to throw out seen through ribbons.

my studio sink

Old postcards hung from clothespins on a painted over canvas.

my studio sink

Same canvas further down the ribbon.  Flowers from a friend saved. Sanding sponge.  Pieces of painted paper. The top of a Starbucks gum pack (perfect size for tiny house windows).

my studio sink

A face mask sitting over studies of houses on stilts.  I will eventually finish that painting that needed these studies.

my studio sink

Looking out the window in my back workroom. A flower. A salvaged word. Shadows.

my studio sink

My typewriter always ready for a photo. Flowers.  An "embrace imperfection" hand that refuses to be close to perfect.

my studio sink

Across the way of that same table.

my studio sink

"Hey Cindy, since you have that camera out..................?".

She captures my intense face as I sew.  I look like this a lot.

my studio sink

This is me and my beloved coffee saying good-bye to Cindy.  Saying come back soon Cindy.

my studio sink

I think one of the things I love best about my studio are the creative people who visit. Speaking of visit, my studio is open (most) every Saturday from noon to 4p.

Come by.  See that sink for yourself. xo

ps. Isn't Cindy  inspiring? Grab a camera and look for different angles.  I think my favorite shot above is the studio sink.  What is yours?

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