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This past weekend, I went to the Third Annual Recycle Runway Fashion Show. This was my first time attending.

Waste Management, who had opened a recycling collection center up for the designers of Project Runway, was one of the sponsors.

There were three categories: elementary, middle school and high school.  Designers could recycle or repurpose.

And there are so many ways to reuse everyday materials.

This dress was made using paint chip cards.

Recycled Runway

Here, some sheet music and an old violin.

Recycled Runway

Old tests were very fashionably shredded.  Note the slides as details and earrings.

Recycled Runway

Bubble wrap was sprayed with gold.

Recycled Runway

Water bottles were cut and painted with metallics to form skirt ringlets.

Recycled Runway

I loved the lines, fit and color of this dress using newspapers and magazines.

Recycled Runway

My daughter and her friend designed a dress for the show too.

They both collaborated on a halter and skirt made from a bicycle tire, old jeans, a few Ikea bags, old shoelaces and a huge plastic furniture bag.

Both have artist moms.

And both wanted this to be their project.  No help from either of us.

That was hard.  Transforming reused materials into art is part of my everyday.

So, my good friend Heather and I just gave support silently through our actions.

I drove over a new sewing machine needle when one broke and let them know I had an extra Ikea bag if needed.  Heather supplied the creative space, snacks and never mentioned the mess.

They enlisted an amazingly poised little sister to walk the runway.

Recycled Runway

The outfit looked great from all directions.

Recycled Runway

We were both really proud of our girls.

They put themselves out there. They felt vulnerable and hopeful at the same time. And now they are thinking of their next recycled design.

And I am am thinking of my first one, which I will wear at my next group art opening in April or May.

I have been thinking about making a dress out of reused paper ever since I bought this book.  Look at the amazing dress made out of old books on the cover.

This recycled fashion show completely inspired me.  Hopefully not too much.

I can only hope I am as poised in my dress as our model was this past weekend.

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