perfect timing

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I was not in my studio much this week.  I spent days (yes, days) figuring out Illustrator in my home office.

Long, glued to your chair, wearing pajamas kind of days.

So yesterday in the late afternoon I went to my studio just to play with paint and paper.

And a package was waiting for me.

The handwriting was lovely. I did not recognize the name.

Inside a wrapped box was a beautiful piece of original artwork.  On it was a quote from NYC street artist James De La Vega, "Believe in yourself and stop trying to convince others".

perfect timing

That quote is taped on my studio wall. I love it. And live it (most days).

Abigail, the artist, came through my studio cottage on an open tour with her daughter in October, saw this quote and wrote it for me on her artwork as a thank you for a bit of inspiration.

Months have passed and yet something made her remember me. And create for me. I so needed that.

Her handwritten note is now taped on that same wall just under the quote that inspired it.

perfect timing

I brought her fabulous framed artwork home to share her energy and spirit with my family.

There is so much inspiration in that little studio that I carry pieces home with me.  To much goodness to keep all to myself.  I spread it all around.

Sometimes being an artist just takes my breath away because of the generosity I witness along the way.

The people I have met are amazing.

Last summer, I woke up one morning and this 30 x 30 painting of my family was on my porch.

perfect timing

Imagine waking up and seeing this painting of all the people you love the most on your porch. I was breathless. Taken back. Grateful.

My dear artist friend Michael Massee painted this after I sent him pictures of my family enjoying themselves at a party at his home.

Just having him and his wife, Carol, in my life (our life) is a huge gift. We met eight years ago at an art show. I love them.  We all do.

He left a note beside this painting saying we could rotate it to highlight who was being celebrated on any given day.

Just beside this painting he also left me two wigs, "just in case I didn't feel like myself one day".

Right now I am feeling blessed because you never know when a package is on its' way to you or if the people next to you at an art show are going to be magical and you will know them forever.

Or that you can teach yourself illustrator quickly enough to finish a project. Relief.

ps. Abigail, keep creating. You are so very talented. Thank you. xo

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