bump in the night

My Journal

We have slept in this lovely bed for 12 years.

See the bed post on the right? There were two just like it on the end of the bed also.  A week ago we took them off.

For all those years, we would get up in the middle of the night and put our hands out to feel for the end posts so we wouldn't walk into them.

We still instinctively feel for them in the darkness a week later, remembering that metal head first hurts.

The room looks so much bigger now. Uncluttered.  And safer.

bump in the night

Funny.  It seems so obvious now to remove those posts. But it wasn't. Until it was.

As the start of 2013,  I wonder what other obstacles I keep running into that are right in front of me that could be easily removed.

The ones that are in my thoughts.  And the ones that are right out in the open.

Ps.  Thinking those bed posts will be lovely in my garden this spring. With ivy trailing up each one.  I will post pictures. 

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