My five pound role model

My Journal

It is Tuesday.

I can think of so many things I need to do.  Should do.

But I can't help but be inspired by Willy, my daughter's five-pound chihuahua.

Willy is an opportunist. And a well rested one.

I love that about him.  I see the pair of slippers I just took off.

Willy sees a nap.  And a very warm bed.

my five pound role model

If I was more like Willy, I would not wash clothes. Instead I would curl up in them.

my five pound role model

And Willy loves it when I don't make the bed.  The uneven corners hanging down make the best nest.  He finds the tiniest corner and uses all of it, like Goldilocks.  He looks for and finds "just right".

my five pound role model

This is me and Willy at the start of most days. This is me and Willy right now.

Me, checking in on my computer. Trying not to fall into a black hole.  Willy nestled on my lap.

my five pound role model

But I need another cup of coffee.

And to go to my studio and get art ready to drop off at galleries.

And to finish some altered book pages.

And replace my cellphone which is broken and MIA.  Not a good combination.

Still.  I cannot help but wish I was a little more like Willy.

We all need a role model.  And this second, Willy is mine.  Completely open, trusting and very well rested.

*I take pictures of Willy all the time. On my desktop, is a file called "Willy blog" because he is just too cute and wise.  And his priorities are in the right place.  This post is long overdue.  Honestly? I haven't had a phone for days and what do I miss? The camera.  And several good shots of Willy.  How about you?  Do you have a pet that inspires you to slowdown?  To play more?  Do tell. xo

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