Girls Rising

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How sweet are these little feet?

girls rising

They all walked into my studio recently to see my space and my art and hear what I had to say about it all.  Ten girls in a second grade Brownie Troop.

We talked about inspiration.

It is a full time job I explained.   It all comes from deep inside and I have to work on it all the time. Dig in. Pull it out. I hang little bits and pieces so enticingly in my studio so that I will want to pick them up and play.  And also so I know where they are.

I am so grateful for clothespins and string.

girls rising

We talked about ideas.  And protecting them with copyrights.  And also being aware of other people's work.  And making sure we give them credit for their ideas.

That lovely thin line where we are inspired and find our own way as we are look at what others have created before us.

Most importantly we talked about how amazing they are.  They are completely unique and so is their vision.  It feels so right when we honor that.  We are all so good at being us.

Then we took reclaimed signage that was cut into flowers and each girl created a tiny bouquet.

We painted outside on the farm and used mistake paint.

girls rising

We created beauty from something that had no value.

We saw yes where others saw no.

We had a moment and a badge.

girls rising

They created as individuals and as a group, cleaning off their paintbrushes on this canvas below that will be the background for a mixed media piece I will do when I am inspired to do so.  I added some paste to it already.

And I told them again they were amazing.

girls rising

A few days later I took my daughter to see the film Girl Raising.  It was powerful.

It showcased nine true stories about the human spirit, resilience and how educating girls can change the world. Our world.

You can host a local screening of this film. Bring it your community.  Bring it to your daughter. Check it out here.

All this made me think back when I was a Girl Scout leader and my sweet girl was one of those little feet.  Now her feet are the same size as mine.

girls rising

And about how it takes a community to raise empowered, strong girls who will go on to do great things.

To be creative.

To dare to be themselves.

To see yes where others see no.

We are all girls rising.  Everyday.

*Oh what a busy time of year.  Lately raising and supporting strong girls has been on my mind. How lucky are we to be have each other.  We are rising every day.  And raising each other up on our shoulders to be stronger. To have a voice. To be heard. Has someone lifted you up lately? Have you taken a moment to help a girl rise?  I know you have.   I would love to hear about it. xo

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