A slow start

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Here I am.  Leaning into a new year.  Catching my breath and doing those things we all do at the start of a new beginning.  Clean. Give things away. Reorganize. Strategize.

And this year, more than any other I can recall, there are lots of shifts and changes. All are very good.  But some are harder than others.

So this year especially, I want to remember the lesson I learn over and over again.   What I have to give is enough.  I am enough.  I have everything I need.

As the new year starts, I am smiling at all that is ahead.  High profile wholesale shows.  Art shows.  Installations. Grants. Workshops.

I am honored and so happy to be teaching an altered book workshop in June at Squam Art Workshops called Hour of Gold.

a slow start

Attending Squam was an amazing experience for me. I went the fall before last and I wrote about it here. I am so happy to be teaching there and sharing some of my own magic in those woods with kindred souls.

Elizabeth had asked me to send her an altered book so she and her assistant Kaitlyn could photograph it for the class. For me, a huge part of the fun of teaching at Squam was working with Elizabeth to create my class. She is as wise as she is lovely.  And so intuitive.

I had the altered journal I had done almost six years ago when my mom died.  It is rather raw. Hand sewn. I sent that one overnight. But I also sent another. It was still raw in the way that I create yet more polished.  More current. It showed a skill set that I did not have when I did the one for my mom.

The original altered journal I had was enough though. The one I created to honor my mom and our journey.  That is the one pictured for my class (above). 

I am glad I did another though.  One that was just for me, not done as a gift or to use to teach (but I will use it when I teach).  My words combined with paint, thread, paper and glue have a way of healing me and sweetly moving me along.

a slow start

Even when I don't know I need to be moving along, the creative process does.

I just started another altered book.  A slow start and three little steps over a week.

I  begin with thinking  how the book will close.  I am using a torn clothing tag glued inside the cover of my chosen book attached with strips from an Anthropologie mailer.

a slow start

The above string meets and wraps around this closure from a gap gift card saved from the holiday and glued on the back of the book...and then a bit more of the Antropologie catalog.  I love those catalogs. They are art supplies to me.  And a muse.

a slow start

My One Little Word for 2014 is trust.  And here it is ever so tiny seen through a keyhole from a salvaged metal lock.  I added a bit of washi tape to the side of the tiny hole for color.

a slow start

A new year.  A new altered book.  A start.

My start.

Next I add in texture and color.

I am starting knowing I have exactly what I need.  I have enough.  I am enough.

ps.  It is so good to be back here. Took a longer break than I intended. xo.


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