The Goodness

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That is the word I find myself using and thinking about a lot lately. The leaves are falling on me like blankets this season.  I am surrounded with beauty and color and I am joyous.  Seriously happy in a way that is so deep and pure.

I have so much tell you.  Little tiny strings of joy to share with you. Settle in for a few minutes with me.  Sit close.

I have made a few changes this fall.  One of them is daily studio time. And this puts me smack in the middle of a beautiful historic farm almost every day on the east coast in one of the prettiest falls I have ever witnessed. I took this picture leaving my studio this week. Sunshine and shadows.

Like life.  Full of contrast that helps us see the true beauty. I am learning to appreciate the shadows.

The Goodness

More studio time means more time to simply play.  Alter pages.  Get the words out. Below are two pages in an altered book I am working on that hold the darkness and the light. Because we all need places to put the hard stuff.  Sometimes I just sew it between the pages. Words I wrote long ago that I do not want to read but cannot throw out.  Because I do not want to forget.  Anything.

I want to honor all of my journeys.  But I am ready to move forward. Always ready. Willing.

The left page is sitting with self doubt and then leaving the room.  The right side is acknowledging those moments when the floor just drops out from beneath you.

Have you felt like this? How would you visualize these feelings?

Take a peek here. I will be teaching Stories & Treasures at "Into the Mystic"...a week long magical Squam Art Workshop.  Think of it like you and I and a small group of kindred spirits having a slumber party.  And deep discussions and altered book pages all night long. Plus so much more goodness (love this word!).

The Goodness

One more big change this fall.  I schedule in yoga for the week...each week.

I just show up on the mat four times a week. I lean into the hard spots.  I hold the pose. I sit with what I am feeling. I breathe. I love this yoga studio. The Prancing Peacock. There are actual peacocks!

And my cards and Last Little Words are sold at both locations. 

I position myself in the room so that this is my view. Each morning.

The Goodness

I heard something this week that I loved. I was doing a show on Sunday at the amazing Clover Market (I will be there again on 11/8).  A woman bought one of my birthday cards to send to herself.  She sends herself a card each year.  Writes a little note to herself.  Is that not the very best idea ever? Here is the card she chose.  One of my new ones. And a favorite of mine.

The Goodness

I am going to leave you with one last card.  A card about change.  The fear of it and then fully embracing it.

The Goodness

I Hope you are hugging change.  Dancing with it.  Letting it change and transform you.

Please let me know what is filling your heart with joy these days.

I will be back soon with more stories. xoxox.

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