Talking in my sleep

My Journal

This past week I had some things to do that were hard for me.  So I did them. And I will do them again.

But here is what I want to tell you.

The day before the hard stuff, I made time for yoga.  And for church.  I stocked my house with food.  I took a warm bath. I was calm and quiet.

The night before, I picked my clothes out.  And then I fell asleep easily and deeply. I did wake up a few times in the night and I heard a voice softly say "you so have this."

And it said it over and over again.

talking in my sleep

Maybe it was my mother whispering to me as I slept. A sweet thought as she is with me always.

But I think it was me, soothing myself. All the  positivity that I am surrounded with daily in my art and salvaged words was coming out and lifting me up when I needed it most.

I love that thought too. Me building me up in my sleep.

And I am wishing that for you this season. And in the year ahead. I am hoping you speak kindly to yourself.

And you do it so often, encouraging words dance between your dreams and lift you up in the sweetest voice. Just like mine did when I needed to hear it most.

talking in my sleep

I am wishing you gentle moments this holiday with sweet dreams and soft landings.

May you be surrounded with positive words and people who build you up.

The ones that understand why your clothes don't match and why you have to create.  Why you simply must.

I think 2015 is going to be amazing. I feel it.

"I so have this".

And you do too.

xo, Colleen

ps. Please know I am so grateful to have you check in on me here in this space.

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