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My Journal

I am at my studio painting, planning and dreaming.  I love being here. It is more me than any other space I occupy. And it is packed full of objects, ideas and inspiration that make me happy.  I want to share some with you.

My father's plaid shirt hangs on the back of the bathroom door.  It is ripped and thin.  It is splattered with paint.  Somehow, the paint splatters make it belong to both of us. He is no longer here. His shirt comforts me.

studio unscripted

My Dad's plaid shirt


The subway tile backsplash in my studio kitchen was drawn in quickly with white chalk on blackboard paint.  My friend Sharon wrote her name in red chalk.  Her presence is always felt.  She spent hours hours filled with conversation and coffee painting this little kitchen with me.

studio unscripted

Chalked in subway tile in my studio kitchen


Prints of my work are on my antique drafting table.  I just had my originals colored checked at Encore Editions. Love those artsy ladies at Encore.

studio unscripted

Prints of my work on an antique drafting table

This week I taped little bits and pieces of inspiration over my work space that make me smile.  I move them around and keep adding more.  Can there ever be too much inspiration? I don't think so.

studio unscripted

Scraps of plastic and old signage that have sweet words and welcoming messages written in chalk are all over my studio. I write messages for me too.  Somedays I need extra encouragement.

studio unscripted

Sweet chalked in words written on scraps of painted plastics


There is lots more too that I love the peanut butter cups in my fridge in a vintage red dish, Wilco playing as I paint, coffee in a colorful mug and spiders weaving webs as I walk from one room to another.

I don't mind the spiders when they are tiny. I figure this little cottage has been here for almost 200 years.  I am willing to share my space a bit with them. Just a bit.

I am thinking of sharing pictures like this weekly from my studio.  The unexpected places.  Like the back of the bathroom door and my Dad's shirt hanging.

Will you come back and visit?

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