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My Journal

Time gets away from me. And I have so much to share with you.

I want to tell you about the National Stationery Show and how good it felt to be there.  To show up again.

And I want to share about Squam Art Workshops. About all the magic.  And that each time I am there the magic is a little different, but what I need to see and feel at that moment.

Both of theses experiences need to be separate because they are so rich. So I will come back to them.

The other day I wanted to catch up with an amazing store in Kansas City who carries my work.  So I looked at their blog. And I felt like I had just had coffee with them.

I wanted you to feel like that if you checked in here; as if we had just shared a cup of coffee. So here are some glimpses of my summer.  Our tiny moments are easier to loose, aren't they?  Yet they are what we need to remember most. And the most interesting. So get some coffee. Or tea. And stay a minute. Or two. With me.

What you don't see is I am sitting at the end of the bed with my first cup of coffee.  I wish it was earlier than it is.  But sleep has been washing over me deeply these past few weeks.  And my first moments each day are here.  With this amazing young woman and her chihuahua.

over coffee

At some point, I go to the raspberry bushes.  Picking what grows in my yard brings me such joy. And I fight the beetles daily. I have no idea if I am winning or losing.  I think one is hiding here. And think we are both winning, which means I am losing.

over coffee

A road trip to Providence, Rhoade Island.  My and my sweetie.  Together yet separate.  I head to the RISD Museum  as he bikes through the neighborhoods. I follow the sunlight celebrating the spaces in our togetherness.

over coffee

And then I am inside RISD standing with greatness.  Feeling inspired and worthy.

over coffee

Back on the road again.

Grateful for a tiny watercolor set that my daughter bought for me. Not bothered by traffic, I paint and sew. I don't want to be bothered by small things when I can think and be creative.

over coffee

We head back to Holderness, New Hampshire.  My happy place where Squam Art Workshops are held.  A place I was just at a three weeks ago.

It is rainy, but I see beauty everywhere.

over coffee

Especially on this lake.   I realize that no matter how many people I bring to this place, there is a magic that I feel here that is mine alone.

It is about 7am when this photo was taken. I have a book in my lap and a tall cup of coffee balanced in the back of the canoe.  Soon the boat will meander and the wind will pick up. We will have to row hard back.  My perfect gym.

over coffee

I had to fill out forms for a background check as my daughter and I get ready for our third mission trip to the Bahamas this month. I needed all my past addresses, which I had forgotten.  But my mom kept track of everyone one of them and every friend I ever had in this little book.  And every birthday too.  It was so much more than an address book to her. I miss her. Thank you mom for all these notes. And for your help.  Always. xo.

over coffee

And then there is this.  That moment when I pull away from my studio.  And the corn is growing high. And the sun is heading down.

over coffee

And all is really good in my world.

And we are pretty caught up now.  How about you?  What would you tell me over coffee?


**I like rich coffee with one Truvia and a bit of cream. And I will post soon about the big stuff.

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