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When we sold our house last spring, we moved 25 minutes down the river, across a bridge and into another state. Yet being in Lambertville, New Jersey has felt like a world away.

I cannot tell if it is the move itself or the act of change that has created such a shift in me.

We moved from the suburbs into a small city. Front porches matter here.

Our New Porch

Most homes have a sign out front that says “hate has no home here.” My heart melts each time I walk by these signs. Each one I pass fills me with hope for us all.

And I walk by these signs a lot because I walk everywhere…to yoga, to breakfast, to the post office, for coffee, to the florist, to friends, to get my hair cut and to gather groceries. I know my neighbors, their dogs, shop keepers and restaurant owners. I feel as if I am finally home.

Hate Has No Home Here

I am hoping if you have visited me here before that this new website feels like home too. That like my little city, it is easier to navigate and that it feels cozy.

These past few months have been full of transformation both in my life and in business. I plan on stopping by here often to share what is going on in my life. There are lots of sweet changes coming up.


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