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It is Friday, which starts with me on my yoga mat at 7:30am. I am two cups of coffee in, Rufus Wainwright radio is playing softly in my home studio.  I am getting ready to send an email out about my holiday events this month which means updating my event page first.

yes love

I often feel like my business is this vintage red wagon filled with positivity and good energy and I am gently pulling it up a hill with wildflowers growing alongside me and butterflies and birds all around.  Glorious, but it still is uphill at times and I am pulling this sweet wagon.

Which is why yoga is so important.  Time to simply step out of my head and into my heart and body.  I just have show up as I am on the mat, often in what I wore to bed the night before. 

My business is different in that it requires many steps before the actual, planning, scheduling etc.  I feel very fortunate to be making my way creatively with everything that completely pours out of me naturally.

I took both of these pictures in this post this week in my studio. This space makes me so happy.

Here there is always music playing, candles burning  and fresh coffee.  My studio will be open every Sunday in December and I have a few other really special events going on.

Take a peek. I hope I see you.

Till then, I am committed to showing up on my mat.  And I am committed to showing up for others.

I will find something positive to say to someone I don't even know.  I will pin extra safety pins on my tank top just in case I meet someone who is unsure and scared.  And I will say yes as often as I can.  To love. To unity. To creativity.     

How about you?


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