me and my camera

My Journal

Yesterday, I took my camera and artwork and walked outside my studio.

Can you see why somedays it is hard to stay in and create?

me and my camera

I love to hold my words cut from salvaged plastics up against the backdrop of the farm and see what story they tell.  Explore is a brand new word.  It is a 22-inches long and the wind was gently blowing it about.

I like the story it is telling.  Lean into the wind it says.  Let go.

me and my camera

I run around, hold it up again and take another picture.

I like how "explore" is blowing right around the road in this one.

me and my camera

So many old barns.

I looked until I found an existing nail on a white washed barn, then hung new small pieces of my recycled art on it to photograph. I am always mindful that it is a privilege to be on this property.

Economist Richard Florida said one of my very favorite quotes. "Old buildings need new ideas."

I hung up a new idea.

me and my camera

The first snow of the season just graced us the night before.  There was only an inch or two that melted in the sunshine.

I found a patch of snow on the shady side of a barn. It was the only snow remaining.  That makes me believe.

me and my camera

Days like yesterday are magical. Me. My camera. My art. This farm.

Coming up with ideas and creating is the easy part of what I do.  I love the actual making. And I love forming partnerships and alliances that allow me to create repurposed art.

The other stuff is harder.  Learning the camera, figuring out light, resizing pictures, adding watermarks. But it is getting easier. Everyday.

Keep checking in.  My online shop is slowly changing.  I am going to photograph all my art on the farm and you will see weekly what is in my studio.

me and my camera

My art. Exactly what I have.  Real time. Farm time.

What do you think?

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