Hour of Gold

My Journal

When I look back at teaching Hour of Gold at Squam this September, I will remember the light in those New Hampshire woods.

Hour of Gold

The light from the water that danced on our cabin walls each morning.

The light that was on each night in the library where I set up my class and studio as these women continued to alter the pages of their books.

The light in each of my students as they let my words in and then pulled out their own

And the light in me.  I felt as if it had taken every one of my 50 years to stand before these amazing women and share my journey that is on these pages.

Hour of Gold

We start here.

Tables filled with materials to inspire that are set up like an art feast.

Hour of Gold

Individual bags full of ephemera, bits of vintage metal and words.  I am always amazed how each person gets the bag they need.

Hour of Gold

Of course, we have Flo, our vintage typewriter muse, who is  waiting for our words. She sparkles and inspires us.

Hour of Gold

And we play.

Hour of Gold

And write. And paint.

And release.

Hour of Gold

And tear. And sew.

And process.

Hour of Gold

And scribble. And paste.

And get our words out.

Hour of Gold

And we share. We rejoice.

We continue.

But we do not leave the same.

Hour of Gold

We take this light home with us.

And that is the power of Squam Art Retreats. A goodness so deep, we carry it home.

*One woman dreamed this life changing magic up.  Meet Elizabeth here

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