Christmas treasure hunt

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This morning I am putting on layers and crossing the river over to Lambertville, NJ.   Again.

My creativity is now totally focused on giving, and I am so ready to search and find treasures that I can repurpose into something meaningful for someone I love.

I dropped off artwork last week in A Mano Gallery on Union and went into Palette Antiques.  It was really hard for me to leave.  Ask my daughter.  She swears I was in there for two hours.

These metal plates below were on old lockers from Hopewell, New Jersey.  I see amazing altered book covers.

Christmas treasure hunt

Look at these vintage cameras.  And yes, they all work perfectly.

Christmas treasure hunt

I love these retro flower pins displayed in a flower box in front of an old painting.

Christmas treasure hunt

I bought this paper Christmas house right in the front.  It reminds me of the village my mother built each Christmas.  It took her three weeks to create and it was magical.

Tucked away below was a bag full of all broken little houses. Donna, the woman running the store that day,  gave me the bag.  A collage on canvas?  An altered book cover? I am so excited to play with all the pieces.

That bag was a Christmas gift to me.

Christmas treasure hunt

The room in the very back is filled with vintage clothing. And shoes.  And hats. And gloves. I could have stayed in that room for days.

My daughter says I did.

Christmas treasure hunt

Sometimes I get a tiny bit sad when I see a painting like this of the couple below.  I wonder why it is here.  Why isn't this in their daughter or granddaughter's home?  Why wasn't this special enough to keep?  Look at how happy this couple is.  Were they traveling?  Did they live here?

I hope I haven't let go of anything this special ever.  But I might have.

Christmas treasure hunt

Then I look at all these tiny Barbie glasses and get crazy happy again.  This little display was about three inches high by three inches wide.  Another altered book? I think I have to have these.

Christmas treasure hunt

Maybe a series of girlies on canvas wearing these glasses and tights in 2013?

Palette Antiques, 63 Bridge St Lambertville, NJ

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