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I love what happens when we let the art in.

When we just sit down beside some paint, paper and crayons and stop thinking so hard. Our life is divine and messy. It looks so good outlined in watercolor pencils.

I have been teaching a course at a local art center that honors our own unique journey on the pages of an altered book.

We have been painting, tearing, sewing, mixing, cutting and pasting on these pages.

And on a few days, Devon John, a gifted photographer, came in and witnessed us putting pieces of ourselves on the pages

Art Journaling Workshop

And took lots of pictures as the unraveling began.

Art Journaling Workshop

I love teaching this process.

Trust. Get the first layers down.  Do not over think it.  Play.

This is just the first of many layers.

Just get it down. Then breathe.  Lean in.

Art Journaling Workshop

Each layer is full of bits and pieces of things we save.  Of ourselves.

Moments we tuck into drawers, pockets and books.  Not exactly sure why we are saving them, only sure that we must.

Art Journaling Workshop

Some sew the pages with the intention to give their altered book as a gift.

Others honor their own journey; looking back and looking forward.

Art Journaling Workshop

One student honors a magical place and time.  A trip saved in the pages of an old book so she can visit again.

Art Journaling Workshop

We cut into the pages.  And into our past.

Art Journaling Workshop

And we write.  Just write.

Without planning or thinking.  We just let what comes out, out.

Knowing we can rip out a page. Or paint over our words if we chose to.

Art Journaling Workshop

But trusting that some magic may just flow out of us.

And we will catch it on our painted pages when it does.

Art is good therapy.  I am so grateful to this process and these woman who share this space with me. xo

ps. I shared some more details on creating altered books here.  Take a peek.  Jenelle is going to change the way we consume and create.

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