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Colleen Attara: Eco Artist Interview

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Heather Davulcu | April Heather Art

“Let me tell you – she is a FORCE to be reckoned with. A force of good!” Read the full article...

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An Interview with Yardley Eco-Artist Colleen Attara

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Kathleen Black | The Yardley Voice | November 4, 2011

"Over the course of 11 days in September 2011, Colleen Attara of Yardley installed a 70-foot three-dimensional mural made out of repurposed business signs and 'mistake paint' along the pediatric corridor at Capital Health Medical Center in Hopewell, New Jersey ... We had the opportunity to chat about this project, the largest of her career so far, as well as the events that brought her to this place in her life." Read more →

Discarded Objects Find New Life as ‘Joyful Art’

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Janet Purcell | The Times of Trenton

“To satisfy her love of creating art from discarded materials, she rummages through bins of discards at a plastic fabricating company, picks up signs that can not be reused at a Trenton sign shop and haunts salvage yards for old windows, which she turns into works of art.” Read the full article...

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Capital Health promises stylish and soothing place to heal. Read the full article... Read more →

Capital Health promises stylish and soothing place to heal

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Erin Duffy | The Times of Trenton

“The hospital, which will include an on-site art gallery, will display art from nearly 70 local artists throughout its corridors and patient rooms. The works range from the calm and peaceful — Tuscany scenes done in dusty browns and greens by prominent Princeton architect and artist Michael Graves — to the bright pops of yellow, orange and pink found in Colleen Attara’s recycled art installation piece.” Read more →