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Last February, I was visiting a sweet river town along the Delaware River and came across an old fashion barbershop with a sign in the door that said, “closed until further notice”. It really was old fashioned. Take a peek.

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Below the sign was a small bouquet with this note.

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I wondered if Don, who had passed away maybe unexpectedly, had known “S”. Maybe “S” was just a person who passed by everyday with her (guessing it is a her) Dog and Don waved hello.

I did not know Don, "S" or dog but I was really moved by this note. Moved enough to take a picture and write about it 6 months later. Did Don, who smiled to people as they passed while he worked, know what his smile meant to “S”?

Did they know each other? I am thinking maybe not, and one day “S” walked by and Don was no longer there.

I have people and places I pass in my daily travels I would miss if one day they were not there. Like this little roadside farm stand I pass when I leave the plastic fabricator with all my recycled plastics. Their produce is local and fresh, but I love the money can and the trusting person who puts it out each morning.

say it now

There is a faded sign that tells you to go in the jar and make change if you need it. This stand has been running on trust for years. Next time I stop, buy my veggies and leave money in the money can, I will leave a note too. "Thank you for your trust. Glad you are here."

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